A Bachelor Party is something each groom-to-be hopes to have just that one time no matter how entertaining it can be. It is up to best man to make sure to grasp this opportunity by the horns and to choose both destination and activities wisely. There are a few reasons why we recommend Bucharest to be the destination for your stag do. That’s right, forget the rest, it’s Bucharest.
Still, you may have identified the ideal location, but selecting the day and night activities can be a little trickier notably when having to deal with a sizeable group of stags. Several factors can come into play when deciding activities for your stag party in Bucharest. For instance:

  • What is the budget for the group?
  • Has the activity been done before by any of the group members?
  • Are transfers and guides included with the activity?
  • How far is the venue from the city?
  • How professional are the staff at the venues?

The list is endless. To make your decision a lot easier, we’ve done all our research and cherry picked our favorites.

Old City Bar Crawl

8 Ideal Stag Do Activities for your Party in Bucharest

Visit Bars, Roof Tops cocktail bars, Beer Gardens and other venues which you wouldn’t be expected to find on your own. Avoid all research prior to your visit to Bucharest as we take it on board to make sure that you visit hottest and most vibrant places.
Our local guide will be on hand to lead the way for the course of the bar tour in Centrul Vechi. One could expect a visit to at least 4 bars, but this can vary from group to group. And how busy the Old Town will be depending on the season. Regardless of this your group can anticipate an exciting and entertaining night which is generally inexpensive considering a pint of beer averages a cost of €1.70

VIP Clubbing Experience

You can expect a different clubbing experience in Bucharest and rightly so. Locals work hard throughout the week and wanting to unwind during the weekend.
Bucharest hosts some of Europe’s most stylish venues with state of the art designs and sound. You can also expect dance shows and international DJ’s in clubs such as Face, whilst Oxya club takes a different approach offering both a restaurant and a groundbreaking nightclub.

Gentleman’s Club

When on a stag do it is the norm to visit a Gentleman’s club. After all, we are ‘Gentlemen’. For this reason we have picked the best of the bunch from all venues which is located walking distance to the Old Town.
There are over 40 beautiful, exotic and sexy dancers on any given night, and our VIP package allows for your own privately reserved area with open bar and bottle service throughout the evening.

Outdoor Go Karting

One of the most popular and sought activities, go karting promises both an adrenaline rush but also that competitiveness that is key to any group activity on a stag do.
The circuit itself is 1240 meters long and you’ll be driving for best times with 13hp karts. There is even a podium to celebrate your victory following the race!

Outdoor Paintball

One that you’ve most probably done before, but the field itself is what makes the paintball activity in Bucharest a must do.
Set up with a Western theme, up to 60 participants can engage in this ‘friendly war’ with ample tactical spots on the 4000 square metre terrain. Put your gear on, split the teams and leave the rest to us.


This is a unique experience for the thrill seekers. Wakeboarding is a relatively quick water sport to learn, depending on one’s confidence. We promise, this summer activity is one of the most pleasurable ways to take on the waters!

High Ropes and Zip Lining

The High Ropes and Zip Lining is the one to test your limits. Bucharest is home to one of the largest outdoor adventure parks in Eastern Europe. Picture 20 hectares big!
With 13 tree courses each of different degrees of difficulty, you will be challenged to tackle various treetop obstacles as you make it across platforms. You can expect to be going through tunnels, rope swinging and making it from tree to tree on zip lines as high as 15 metres.

Private Boat Cruise in Lake Herastrau

Whilst some stags enjoy the thrill of something new and with a kick of adrenaline and competition, there are other who simply prefer to take it easy and soak in both the sun and sights of unfamiliar territory.
That being said a private boat cruise along Lake Herastrau is just what the doctor ordered. You can opt for a 1 or 3 hour cruise, open bar with cocktails, a lunch buffet, or even on board entertainment. The options are endless. Whatever the case this makes for the perfect summer activity.

Give us a try!