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Medieval Banquet

Stag do activities in Bucharest

Do you know that in medieval times there were no forks laid out at the table? That all the banquets included a fair bit of entertainment, possibly magicians and traditional dancers? Have an exceptional themed culinary experience with us. We get you warmed up with a shot of local Visinata. The food that follows will be served in platters. These will include grilled chicken, the chicken liver in bacon, sausages, smoked leg of pork and plenty more. You will even have a round of cold beers to wash it down!

  • Availability: All Year Round
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Guide: yes
  • Transfers: n/a
  • What is included: A Local Shot, a Litre of Beer each and Food Platters (grilled chicken, chicken liver in bacon, sausages, smoked leg of pork, fried ribs, chicken wings, potatoes and salad)
  • Minimum persons: 8