A stag do provides one of those scarce opportunities for some to get together with their besties and travel abroad to celebrate the grooms last night of freedom. That being said a key to the success of the travels is the destination selected by the group to spend their weekend. A destination itself can be assessed dependant on a number of criteria. How easy is it to get there, when is the best time to travel, what activities are available, and last but not least, will it burn a hole in the pocket for some.


From our experience having dealt with hundreds of groups over the years, here are the Top destinations for a stag do weekend in Europe for 2021:

  1. Bucharest
  2. Budapest
  3. Prague
  4. Krakow


With direct flights from almost all major cities across Europe, but also low cost of accommodation in comparison to other capitals within Europe, Bucharest is a no brainer for your travels. Romania’s capital is an up and coming destination for Stag Parties and yet to be overcrowded with stags during the weekends.
The best part of the nightlife takes place in the old town where the bars and clubs stay open till the morning hours. Women are stunning and approachable, locals are considered helpful and polite, and the majority know English.
Domestic beer averages a cost of €1.70, whilst a good quality meal should cost you approximately €6.
You’ll get your regular array of activities, but we strongly recommend a visit to the Therme Spas, Paintballing, the River Boat Cruise and also a visit to a Gentleman’s Club. See more for your Stag do in Bucharest.


Budapest is a well-known destination for Stags. This ever-popular paradise is a slightly cheaper alternative to other Eastern European cities. Just think that the damage for a pint of beer is €1.80.
Home to low cost carrier Wizz Air, getting there on the cheap from any major city won’t provide a task in hand if booked in advance. However, we do suggest accommodation to be arranged early on in the planning stage of your stag do, as occupancy rates are on the high during peak season (April to October).
Women in Hungary are both beautiful and approachable (dependent on how slick you are) and the party scene is wild. Just think Party Boats, Thermal Bath Parties and old ruin blocks turned to clubs.
Beyond the vibrant nightlife, the daytime provides an abundance of activities for groups. If you love the idea of shooting various guns, then this is the place for your group. But the one unique activity that we consider a necessity is the Private Danube Boat Cruise where you can get a scenic view of both Buda and Pest whilst being served ice cold beer.

PRAGUE, Czech Rep.

Compared to Bucharest and Budapest, Prague is a little more expensive. This is something to be expected given the reputation of the city being one of the more developed capitals of Eastern Europe. However, being the home of stag parties for the large part of the last decade, you can expect to find almost anything in Prague for both daytime activities and nightlife. A good part of these revolve around alcohol, strip shows and boat parties.
Flights into Prague from other European cities are in abundance as are high quality hotels and apartments, but also air bnb is an alternative.
Locals here are used to the large influx of tourists, hence speak English. However, some may not be as helpful to stag groups as you might expect.

KRAKOW, Poland

Given that Krakow is University city you can expect a pretty vibrant nightlife with an abundance of bars and nightclubs. It is a great alternative to Budapest and Prague; however, you can expect to get less value for money than in Bucharest. What makes Krakow a highly attractive destination is its wide variety of day activities, but also one for those who wish to explore the city and its surroundings. A visit to the Wieliczka Salt mines but also Auschwitz should be on the list but also Wawel castle is an attractive option.
But whilst in Krakow, do what the locals do! Try a variety of vodkas in a tasting session before a grand night out in the city. Why not even try local dishes such as bigos, kotlet schabowy, pierogi and gołąbki. Besides the average cost of a three-course meal goes for approximately €15 to €20.

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