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Besides, who better to trust than Bucharest’s first established local Bachelor Party experts? Build on our insights and find out what there is to know about Bucharest and how to organise a legendary weekend in Romania’s capital.
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Budapest Parliament

A Bachelor Party provides one of those scarce opportunities for some to get together with their besties and travel abroad to celebrate the grooms last night of freedom (you may have heard the term 'wolf pack'). What better way is there to honour a lifelong friend than in pastures new? That being said a key to the success of the trip lies in the destination selected by the group to spend their weekend. A destination itself can be assessed dependant on a number of criteria.
How easy is it to travel there? Are there direct flights? When is the best time to travel? What activities are available? Will it burn a hole in the pocket for some?
The above are some questions that will be put forth to the Best Man, whose duty it is to find the best solution for the group, making his life none the more easy.

Bucharest Nightlife

Selecting the ideal destination is not always simple but it is an important one. The city you opt for must offer a great variety of advantages such as entertaining day activities, fantastic nightlife, attractive.

Paintball in Bucharest

A Bachelor Party is something each groom-to-be hopes to have just that one time no matter how entertaining it can be. It is up to best man to make sure to grasp this opportunity by the horns and to choose both destination and activities wisely.

Things to see in Bucharest

Bucharest was once called the Paris of the East. While for many, this nickname no longer fits the bill, there is an elegant charm about the city. Yes, Bucharest is a little gritty and run down in areas, but this only adds to its unique character and counter-culture appeal. Historically rich, culturally fascinating and brimming with bars, cafes and shops, Bucharest is ideal for a city break packed with unique sights, tastes, sounds and experiences.


Bucharest, as you may already know, is the capital of the Eastern European country Romania. It’s full of culture, beautiful architecture and an ample of history. Most importantly, it’s one of the most entertaining and lively cities you will discover. Its’ nightlife is one of a kind, the weather is friendly most year round and, the cherry on top, it’s a lot cheaper than other European cities.

How to Plan a Bachelor Party

If you are chosen to be the best man, then your responsibilities are not only limited to assist in planning and execution of the wedding. Forget about the best man’s speech for now and what color flowers.