Selecting the ideal destination is not always simple but it is an important one. The city you opt for must offer a great variety of advantages such as entertaining day activities, fantastic nightlife, attractive landmarks, reasonable prices, and ease of access. Bucharest is one of Europe’s most appealing destinations for group travel and if you are having a Stag Do in Eastern Europe and it is well known for its energetic nightlife. It is good value for money, offers a substantial variety and attracts top artists and performers from around the globe.
While Bucharest’s nightlife may be renowned for its beer gardens and sky bars, it is the many and varied nightclubs of the capital that will really leave an impression. Below you will find a series of recommended venues that will make your time worthwhile for a Bucharest Stag.
This article is written to provide the travellers into Bucharest with various key insights on where to visit during their time in the Capital and provided through our extensive experience here on the ground. We understand that time is of essence during short stays, so making an informed decision always helps! Enjoy your stay with us!

Why Bucharest’s Nightlife is Attractive for Both Locals and Tourists

There are countless factors that contribute to the night’s liveliness in Bucharest. One of the greatest things about partying in the capital is that most prevalent venues are crowded by both locals and tourists, this being the grounds behind the authenticity of the city’s party energy. There are many other reasons that add up to this beautiful feature of the city’s nightlife, which include:

  • In comparison to other European capitals, Bucharest is relatively cheap, and a reasonable evening out will not cost an arm and leg. Just think, the average cost of a pint of beer is 12 Lei (i.e. €2.50), whilst a 3 course meal in a traditional restaurant in the center could cost anywhere between 70 to 120 Lei (i.e. €14.90 to €25.50)
  • The variety of bars, clubs and restaurants that can satisfy all tastes for a grand night out
    • Sky bars for a scenic view of the city
    • Wine bars to enjoy a wine and experience some of the country’s most exquisite wines,
    • Different types of clubs that cover all genres of music
    • Themed bars and special events
  • Most venues are within close proximity from each other with new venues continuously opening leaving the public spoilt for choice. The nightlife scene embraces a diverse range of music genres. The city hosts numerous clubs and venues catering to different musical tastes, from mainstream electronic music to underground techno, jazz performances, and live concerts
  • It is a multinational city being the capital, and the locals can be very friendly and turn out to be great party companions. The city attracts a diverse crowd, including locals, expats, and tourists, creating a multicultural environment where people from different backgrounds come together to enjoy the vibrant nightlife
  • Bucharest is known for its vibrant clubbing scene. Several clubs feature unique themes, extravagant designs, and immersive experiences. Some venues are located in unconventional settings, such as abandoned buildings or former factories, adding a touch of uniqueness and charm to the nightlife scene. Majority of clubs are opened until the morning hours
  • Bucharest hosts various street parties and festivals throughout the year, especially during the summer season. These events showcase local and international artists, musicians, and DJs, attracting large crowds and creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the city

When to Go Out in Bucharest, Dress Code Requirements & Other Practical Tips

Friday and Saturday nights are typically the busiest and liveliest in Bucharest. Many clubs, bars, and venues host special events, themed parties, and live performances on these nights. If you're looking for a vibrant atmosphere with larger crowds, the weekends are your best bet.
Bucharest's nightlife scene tends to be particularly vibrant during the summer months. Many clubs and bars have outdoor terraces, rooftops, or gardens where people can enjoy the warm weather and socialize. The city also hosts various open-air festivals and street parties during this time, adding to the excitement of the nightlife.
A suggested time to head out and go for dinner is from 7 to 8 PM, with a reservation usually being a pre-requisite. Heading to the bars is mostly preferred around 10 PM, especially during the summertime, since that is the time the bars only start to get lively and welcome clients for a drink.
In the Old Town, most bars turn to clubs after midnight, that being the time the real party begins.
For VIP clubs which are situated outside of the Old Town, reservations are required, especially on weekends, to avoid an entrance fee or in the worst-case scenario being rejected at the door due to full capacity. It is usually a requirement to claim reservations by midnight. However, as most clubs provide themed shows with their own dancers during the weekend, these will do not start until 01.00 AM, giving time for the club to fill and for the clients to be escorted to their respective reservations by their hostess, but also to provide enough time to put in their first order for bottled spirits. It is common that each reserved table has their own dedicated waiter, but this also comes with a minimum charge for the reservation.

Special Events and Festivals: Keep an eye out for special events, festivals, and concerts happening in Bucharest throughout the year. These events often draw large crowds and create an extraordinary atmosphere. They may take place on weekdays as well, so it's worth checking the event calendar for unique experiences.

Dress codes usually apply for the VIP clubs and bars located outside of the Old Town, however there are venues within the Old Town that may require some form of dress code. Especially clubs and lounges in Herastrau Area, it is recommended to go with the Smart Casual dress. It is best recommended to avoid shorts, flip-flops or sportswear while going out, regardless of the venue.

In terms of entrance fees, keep in mind that some of the most popular locations host events on weekends, which may apply for entrance fees or pre ordered tickets, therefore, the best option would be to check online their events section before heading out to the actual location.

Regarding how to get around, the subway and bus lines close at 11.30PM and open at 5AM in the morning, therefore an alternative solution for transportation during these times is to use taxi services or ridesharing apps (Uber, Bolt, or Clever), the last option being the one preferred by both locals and tourists as they are generally considered inexpensive and safe.

Areas/Hotspots to go out in Bucharest

Whether you are looking for a calm afternoon with some friends with a glass of wine in hand, an entertaining bar crawl, an elite night out at a club or a stylish cocktail bar, Bucharest is has it all. There are a few hot spots where you can find all these, well known for their different specific ambiance.

Calea Victoriei

This unique Boulevard is known to be the shopping street of Bucharest, but in our view also the most diversified and picturesque part of central Bucharest. It begins at Piata Victoriei i.e. Freedom Square and ends just outside of the Old Town and stretches to a length of 2.7 kilometers. That makes for quite a walk, but an interesting one albeit. You can find museums, monuments, branded stores, hotels, casinos, hip café spots, Craft Beer Bars and a variety of restaurants offering different international cuisines on Calea Victoriei. You’d guess that mostly tourists would be wondering with the Red Bus Hop on/ Hop off service passing through the area, but the Boulevard and its’ side streets is also extremely appealing for the locals.
We suggest starting an evening out hoping from bar to bar along the Boulevard prior to going into the louder and more outgoing ambiance in the Old Town.

Old Town

Well-known to locals as Centru Vechi, Bucharest Old Town has a balanced combination of everything you may be considering during an evening out.
The area saw a boom of development during the late naughties, and has become some sort of partygoers haven during its’ transformation, with a focus to appeal at large to tourists traveling for the purpose of experiencing the nightlife the city has on offer. A variety of restaurants (including the famous Carul Cu Bere), stylish sky bars, classic pubs and lively bars keep visitors spoilt for choice. The energy of the Old Town is second to none, and the night seems to never end, with some venues not reluctant to keep the party going till dawn.
The prices are quite affordable comparable to other European capitals, but a tad bit higher by local standards. However, it is not a rare find to see younger crowds and students while crawling the bars, given there are student bars and clubs also in the vicinity.
Despite being known for the nightlife, a few reputable stores are located in the Old Town. The area is also at the centre of various parks, and bordered by the Dambovita River, Universitate (University Square), Calea Victoriei and Regina Elisbeta.  Therefore, during the day it is inevitable to see herds of tour groups with their dedicated guides roaming the area, as the neglected buildings and history of the Old Town make it worthwhile.


Lipscani is a district within the Old Town that deserves a special mention. It is a lively pedestrian street lined with bars, cafes, and clubs. Here, you'll find a blend of modern establishments and traditional Romanian beer houses known as "berării." Lipscani is popular for its lively atmosphere and the variety of venues it offers.


Another upscale neighborhood, Dorobanti, is home to a range of stylish bars, clubs, and restaurants. The area caters to a more upscale clientele and offers a mix of trendy venues, live music spots, and cozy bars. Dorobanti is known for its elegant and fashionable establishments.

Calea Floreasca

Calea Floreasca is one of the most widely known streets of Bucharest and is the home to some chic fine dining restaurants and stylish lounges. More appealing to the locals, the venues are not as closely situated to each other as you may like for the convenience of hopping from place to place. However it makes for a very good night out if you are in search for an exceptional international dining experience, or in search of a quality cocktail bar with house resident Dj’s providing a suitable ambiance.
With respect to the quality provided for all food, drinks, and service, you can find the venues to be fairly priced. With proximity to Lake Herastrau, there is always the opportunity to continue your night down by the Lake where you can find clubs and bars in abundance.

Herastrau Park/Lake

Lake Herastrau is the oldest manmade lake (constructed in 1936) in Bucharest. It is located in the North of Bucharest with a length of 7.4 kilometres. Along this stretch herds of locals and tourists are found walking along the periphery of the lake looking for the ideal venue. Herastrau is the spot for high-end fashionable parties hosted by the most exclusive venues. The Herastrau area is ideal for those seeking a more upscale and refined nightlife experience. Typically, entrance is subject to reservations, where some clubs are pre-booked from weeks in advance. Dress code is applicable for all customers, regardless of the time of arrival to the restaurants and clubs.
Given the high demand and reputation, but also the psychological prestige created from being able to party in some of the clubs, the prices are a considerably more expensive than the Old Town.

By the Lake in Bucharest

Biutiful by the Lake

Biutiful By The Lake

📍  Address: Soseaua Nordului, nr. 3

🕰️  Times Open: Tuesday to Sunday: 12PM – 2AM, Monday: 3PM – 2AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

On the banks of Lake Herastau, this stylish lounge welcomes its customers from the very first days of the summer season. It is the ideal place for a tasteful and fresh afternoon meal while enjoying the recreated beach vibe.
Throughout the day there is a vast selection of dishes and drinks to choose from. After the last orders for the evening, you can expect a contrast in atmosphere, with louder and more outgoing music played by the DJ, and high tables taken out and filling all four corners as the lounge is transformed to a club.

Hiro Bay


📍  Address: Șoseaua Nordului 7-9

🕰️  Times Open: Monday to Sunday: 1.30 PM- 12AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual/ Cocktail Attire

Located beside Lake Herastrau, Hiro Bay offers a mystical atmosphere, allowing you to embark on an esoteric journey. The exquisite design blends natural elements with warm colors, transporting you straight into Jules Verne's fantasy realm. According to legend, Hiro, a creature born in the depths of the ocean, was a symbol of hope and good luck for sailors who had been shipwrecked at sea. The setting is lively, with a range of reflections and contrasts. The lounge offers a variety of Asian-inspired dishes such as sushi, noodle soups, stir-fries and other traditional specialties but also a great atmosphere and view over the lake.

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

📍  Address: 32 Kiseleff Avenue, District 1

🕰️  Times Open: Sunday to Thursday: 12PM – 12AM, Friday & Saturday: 12PM – 1AM

👞  Dress Code: No dress code

The worldwide famous Hard Rock Café brand has found Bucharest as being one of the most enjoyable cities, therefore decided to make it one of its homes on Herastrau Lake. It has a capacity of up to 300 persons inside the premises and 150 persons on the terrace.
For the authentic Hard Rock experience it is best to visit on an evening of an event where it is common to see local rock bands jamming live. Reservations on events nights are necessary.
The already popular American menu includes tasty starters, crunchy fresh salads, amazing desserts and let’s not forget the Legendary Burger!

Beraria H

Beraria H

📍  Address: Pavel D. Kiseleff Avenue, 32

🕰️  Times Open: Sunday to Thursday: 10 AM – 1.30AM, Friday & Saturday: 10AM – 3AM

👞  Dress code: Generally, No dress code. In case of events, a certain dress code might apply

The largest beerhall in Eastern Europe, Beraria H is known for hosting some of the most epic events that take place commonly during the weekends. Guests can expect to see spectacular concerts starring both national and international artists, magic shows, rock festivals but also it hosts nights dedicated to global sporting events.
The menu shows a great variety of dishes, from classic snacks to tasty burgers and pasta, and of course a huge collection of different beer types from all over the world.

Funky Lounge Herastrau

Funky Lounge Herastrau

📍  Address: Beijing Boulevard

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Friday: 3PM – 2.30AM, Saturday 5PM – 3AM, Sunday 2PM – 12AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

The hottest summer day parties in town takes place in a beautiful lounge by the lake, in the heart of Herastrau Park every Saturday. The resident DJ makes sure the music creates the appropriate ambiance that fits perfect with the lake view by day and night. During the week time you can also enjoy a cocktail and next to their delicious salad-snack based menu. As is the case for many exclusive party venues in Bucharest, reserving a table and minimum charge is obligatory for a day of complete entertainment.



📍  Address: Soseaua Nordului, 1

🕰️  Time Open: Friday and Saturday 5PM - 2AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

Looking for a lakeside get-together? Then you should pay Kayo a visit. Kayo provides a high-end experience both during the day, as a cocktail lounge, and at night, when the party begins. The greatest party experience on the side of the Herastrau Lake, with live music, dancing, and unique cocktails. At Kayo, partying is pushed to a whole new level, leading to one of the craziest evenings of your life. You will be dancing to the music of a live band while admiring Bucharest's famous lake; this is the ideal activity to round off your weekend in Bucharest.

Kong Herastrau

Kong Bucharest

📍  Address: Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 32

🕰️  Time Open: Sunday to Thursday: 12PM – 12AM, Friday & Saturday: 12PM – 5AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

Experience KONG located in the heart of Bucharest. Kongs design is nature-inspired and delivers a captivating Amazonian forest ambiance. It provides a delightful dining experience of fusion cuisine. Immerse yourself in lush greenery and mesmerizing decor, transporting you to a world of natural wonder. Whether it's a memorable evening, a romantic dinner, or a vibrant gathering, KONG offers a harmonious blend of nature, art, and gastronomy.

Best Restaurants for Dining



📍  Address:Calea Floreasca 111, Floreasca

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Sunday: 9 AM- 12 AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

💰  Price: $$$$

Imagine VacaMuuu as a culinary gallery. Their menu boasts mouthwatering, expertly sliced and cooked steaks, succulent burgers and kebabs, as well as a well-curated assortment of appetizers and entrees that can all be savored in their eatery. Situated in the North side of Bucharest, in Floreasca neighborhood, this restaurant provides a delicious alternative for meat lovers. Due to its halal certification for meat and the kosher certification for selected products, it is a great choice for international clients all over the world.

18th Lounge by The Embassy


📍  Address: Piața Presei Libere 3-5, Piața Presei Libere

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Sunday: 12PM – 11.30PM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual/ Cocktail Attire

💰  Price: $$$$

Fine dining rooftop restaurant with a spectacular view: this is an exact description for this restaurant situated right at the heart of Piata Presei Square, on the 18th floor of City Gate South Tower.
The unique dishes in the menu, such as the Beef Tartar, Caramelized Duck and their famous Chocolate Mousse, along with the panoramic view over Herastrau Park create the stylish vibe of a successful dinner.

The Burgr Factory

Burgr Factory

📍  Address: Dacia Boulevard, 20

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Sunday: 10AM- 1AM

👞  Dress Code: No dress code

💰  Price: $$

Any burger recipe you can think of, can be found it here. Decorated in the classic American style, the Burgr Factory introduces a menu that can fit any taste in burgers. Well cooked meat combined with house’s original sauces, classic recipes but also a combination of crazy ingredients are only a few things you can find in the pages of their menu.
This is one place where size also matters, as you have the choice to order a regular sized burger butt upto a 1.3 kg burger if you feel like challenging yourself. If you have 90’s nostalgia there is also a large selection of games on arcade available at the venue.

Hanu’ Berarilor Casa Oprea Soare

Hanul Berarilor

📍  Address: Strada Poenaru Bordea 2

🕰️  Time Open: Sunday to Thursday: 8AM – 12AM/ Friday & Saturday: 8AM – 2AM

👞  Dress Code: No dress code

💰  Price: $$

With a solid focus on the traditional gastronomy, Hanu’ Berarilor is a strong candidate and firm favourite for travellers to Romania who would like to acquaint themselves with the local tastes. Heavily influenced by Austrian, German, Greek, and Hungarian cuisines, one can expect a diverse and rich the Romanian cuisine.
The restaurant itself is located centrally and gives a local feel through its décor and rustic feel. It offers the more commonly known local dishes such as “sarmale” (cabbage rolls), “Mici” (grilled minced meat rolls) and “Mamaliga” (Polenta). For those with larger appetites, local desserts such as “papanasi” should fill the gaps.

Caru' cu Bere


📍  Address: Street Stavropoleos 5

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Sunday: 9AM-12AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

💰  Price: $$

If you want to taste the best Romanian cuisine in town, Caru’ cu Bere is the perfect restaurant for you. The restaurant, which is located in the Old City Center, provides an outstanding experience from beginning to end. You'll feel like you're eating in a medieval castle the moment you walk in. The restaurant's decor and ambience create the ideal setting for you to enjoy delicious traditional Romanian cuisine, including meat-based dishes, vegetarian options, tasty desserts, and, of course, the best Romanian wine and spirits. The hospitality of the waiters, like the cuisine, is excellent. Also, if you come here on a Friday or Saturday night, you can enjoy your dinner while watching a live dance show.

Jeonjuu Korean BBQ

Jeonjuu Bucharest

📍  Address: Strada Sfântul Dumitru 3

🕰️  Time Open: Sunday to Thursday: 12PM – 3PM and 5PM - 11PM, Friday & Saturday: 12PM – 3PM and 5PM - 12AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

💰  Price: $$$

Indulge in an authentic Korean BBQ experience, specially crafted for group dining enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the sizzling, interactive delight of grilling premium, marinated meats right at your table. Choose from a variety of high-quality cuts and savor the flavors as you grill to perfection. Jeonjuu promises a memorable, shared dining experience where the joy of cooking meets the pleasure of great company.

Top Bars to Start off your Evening

Linea, Closer to the Moon

Linea Closer to the Moon

📍  Address: Lipscani Street, 17

🕰️  Time Open: Tuesday to Thursday, Sunday: 6PM – 2AM,  Friday & Saturday: 6PM-5AM, Monday: Closed

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

Located on the roof of a central historical building, widely known as Magazinul Victoria, there is a wonderful sky bar with a breath-taking view overlooking the greater part of Bucharest. The feature that differentiates this venue from all the regular sky bars is the creativity in its concept for the winter season that allows the sky bar to function even during colder weathers due to the so called igloos installed on the terrace that provide a warm and fuzzy ambiance for the visitors. More popular during the summer season and known for its thirst crunching and experiential cocktails, the venue is a great way to start an evening. It even has its own kitchen to with a minimalist and basic offering to complement its drink menu.

Nomad Skybar

Nomad Sky Bar

📍  Address: Smardan Street, 30, 2nd Floor

🕰️  Time Open: Sunday to Thursday: 4PM-2AM, Friday & Saturday: 4PM – 6AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

The Old Town is a great place to party on a weekend in Bucharest and this sky bar placed right in the heart of the Old Town is a fine choice to starting your night. Providing a cosy ambiance during the earlier hours of the evening, it is recommended for those in search of flavorsome cocktails and possibly a food platter to accommodate the drinks.
After midnight, as with most bars within the proximity, the music turns louder, and the lights are dimmed to turn the venue into a club. In this case a separate reservation would be required for a pre booked table if a guest wants to continue their night away in this establishment.

E3 by Entourage

E3 Lounge

📍  Address: Calea Floreasca 111-113

🕰️  Time Open: Sunday to Wednesday: 12PM – 1AM, Thursday to Saturday: 12PM – 3AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

If you are looking for an elegant manner to start the night before heading to one of the popular clubs in the north area of the city, then E3 by Entourage fits perfectly with your requirements. Their specialty: tempting cocktails and, as the word entourage already stands for, socialisation.
Whether you choose to spend the night on the terrace, or inside the venue, whether you came prepared for the party or still waiting for the mood to kick in, you’ll slowly catch the fun festive feeling just by vibing with the music.

Freddo Bar & Lounge

Freddo Lounge

📍  Address: Smardan Street, 24

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Sunday: 10AM – 5AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

Wednesdays in Freddo are a popular thing among the locals in Bucharest. The lounge serves as an all-in-one venue throughout the entire week. What we mean by that is that it operates as a restaurant and lounge during the day, but as a club late on in the evening.
Located at the center of the lively Old Town, Freddo sets an ambiance that is second to none. It provides an option on the weekdays (bar Friday) for those looking to party, especially as the majority of other venues in Bucharest tend to shut their doors a little shy of midnight.

Aria TNB


📍  Address: Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard 2

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Sunday: 9AM-12AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

Looking for a restaurant with a view? Then you have to check out Aria TNB. The rooftop restaurant is located right in the heart of Bucharest, on top of the National Theatre of Bucharest's building, in an excellent location. The view is breath-taking, and the ambiance is refined, leaving you with unforgettable memories. The restaurant is open from breakfast up until midnight, allowing you to enjoy a nice meal or a few drinks whenever you choose. Come during the day to see the city sights and come after nightfall to enjoy the city lights. The sunset is our favourite. Main meals on the special menu include a sophisticated cheese plate, premium quality salmon, grilled shrimp, or beef entrecote.



📍  Address: Victoriei Avenue, 116

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Sunday: 12AM - 2AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

Balkon could best be described as a "rooftop garden in the heart of the metropolis." In the midst of Bucharest's city centre, the restaurant provides a breath of fresh air. Not only will you be treated to an amazing view, but you will also be served some of the best meals in the city. Innovative meals, including vegan choices, are on the menu. The meal is wonderfully combined with a laid-back ambience, allowing you to savour every mouthful. Sushi, pork in an herb crust, red tuna, and seafood risotto are all on the menu. Balkon will not disappoint you if you seek a change of scenery.

Unique & Cool Bars/Hotspots in Bucharest



📍  Address: Selari Street, 17

🕰️  Time Open: Sunday to Thursday: 7PM – 3AM, Friday & Saturday: 8PM – 5AM

👞  Dress Code: No dress code

Every visitor to Bucharest and spirits connoisseur must pass by Shoteria at least once. The first and only bar of its kind in Bucharest, the bar is a tiny heaven of shots. With an expansive selection from classic and flaming shots, cocktails, and hangover cures, basically any alcohol combination you can think of can be found on their airport chart like designed menu.
No bigger than your standard living room and with no seating accessible, this trendy mini sized bar is intended for those looking for a quick drink and possibly move onto the next bar. However, its enticing music encourages a lot of its visitors to stay a tad bit longer to drink and dance. this is the perfect location to get a fuel start for a long night.

Piana Vyshnia


📍  Address: Șoseaua Nordului 7-9

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Sunday: 2 PM- 2AM

👞  Dress Code: No dress code

Višinata is an alcoholic macerated liqueur based on cherries and sugar that makes everyone fall in love with its flavor. Piana Vyshnia is a venue specialized in this type of drink. Everything in the venue is built to serve as a tribute to the “holy cherry”. You can buy bottled Visinata, but also by glass and it is a fantastic place to start getting tipsy, while also getting the taste of a traditional Romanian drink. The location is just perfect for this, as it it situated in the Old Town, next to all the popular clubs and bars

Fix Me a Drink – Botanical Bar

Fix Botanical

📍  Address: Ion Brezoianu 23-25, Universul, building B, floor 1

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Wednesday & Saturday: 6PM – 12AM, Thursday & Friday:  6PM – 2AM/ Sunday: Closed

👞  Dress Code: No dress code

Exploring the artsy side of bars in Bucharest you might come along this coquet cocktail bar that has its home in a well-hidden and old historical restored palace, right on top of Apollo111 Theatre. The beauty of its concept consists in always refreshing the cocktail menu with new innovative ideas for the public taste. The cocktails themselves are created with the vocal focus on Eastern European botanicals and other ingredients specific to the area. During the summertime, the outside terrace gives the local a distinct note.

Zaganu Bistro and Romanian Craft Beer


📍  Address: Calea Victoriei 91, 93, București

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Sunday: 12PM- 12AM

👞  Dress Code: No dress code

💰  Price: $$

Craft Beer lovers, we have the best place for you! On the market since 2017, Zăganu Bistro and Romanian Craft Beer Bar is the place where enthusiasts can try a large variety of Romanian crafted beers. You can find over 40 blonde, brown or red beers by the bottle with exotic ingredients, such as tonka, blackberry, sencha, vanilla, but also sour beers or aged in rum, whiskey or wine barrels. If you can’t decide on the spot, there is the option of the "beer-flight", i.e. a selection of 4 beers of your own choosing from the 10-12 available on draft, in 150ml glasses, to decide on your favorite style.

Eden Garden

Eden Garden

📍  Address: Calea Victoriei 107

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Friday: 4PM – 3AM, Saturday & Sunday: 12PM – 3AM

👞  Dress Code: No dress code

In the backyard of Stirbey Palace, there is this relaxing spot called Eden Garden where visitors can enjoy nature right in the center of the city, while enjoying a flavorful drink. The venue is structured in three main areas, each one having its own self-service bar seated table. Suitable for the summer season and warm sunny afternoons, this cosy garden offers sunbeds and hammocks on site. The Garden also hosts numerous music events of all genres.

Mojo Pub

Mojo Bar

📍  Address: Garboveni Street, 14

🕰️  Time Open: Sunday to Thursday: 1PM – 3AM, Friday & Saturday: 1PM – 4AM

👞  Dress Code: No dress code

Well known for the Karaoke Nights starting every night at 9PM, Mojo Club is also a enjoyable home to sports fans who want to watch the live football matches in a lively atmosphere with a pint of beer in hand.
The venue also provides the option of open bar for larger groups for karaoke nights or other themed events taking place there which include dedicated stand-up comedy nights or small live music concerts.

Control Club


📍  Address: Street Constantin Mille, 4

🕰️  Time Open: Monday to Sunday: 10AM - 2AM

👞  Dress Code: no dress code

With a music night in Control, you can unleash your craziest self. This famous nightclub has live bands and DJs that will take every event to new heights. Control is full of lively and entertaining people, so the atmosphere will undoubtedly be unforgettable. The dance floor is always ablaze with energy. The club plays a variety of music, so you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for. And if you get too hot inside, you can step out onto Control's outdoor terrace for a refreshing change, which is ideal for any summer night.

Top Bucharest Club Venues

Face Club

Face Club

📍  Address: Piața Presei Libere 3-5

🕰️  Time Open: Friday & Saturday: 11PM – 6AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

Growing rapidly in popularity since the opening, Face Club is now one of the top VIP clubs in Bucharest due to the remarkable organised dance and light show that takes place on weekend nights. Given the large capacity of the club it gives the feel of a grand music festivals. Every weekend has its own different show prepared and regardless of the season, the party keeps on going on up until 6AM.
The club benefits of two different locations within the same area, the winter and summer club. In the summer, on Friday the party takes place in the inside club, whereas on Saturdays, the party moves outside in a forest setting (also known as the secret forest party) for a change of scenes. The decor of the summer party changes each year, which provides the location the authenticity it is known for.

BOA – Beat of Angels


📍  Address: Pavel D. Kiseleff Boulevard, 32

🕰️  Time Open: Friday & Saturday: 11PM – 7AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

Located close to Beraria H and Hard Rock Café, BOA Club is recognized for the fantastic dance show that take place during their parties on summer weekends and quality service. As the VIP club’s rules stand for, the theme for their shows are different from party to party (Las Vegas styled shows, cabaret, aerial acrobats, and pole dance) and the fun lasts until the early morning hours.
The venue also is known to feature world famous DJ’s and top artists.

Nuba Summervibes

Nuba Summer Vibes

📍  Address: Nordului 7-9, Herastrau

🕰️  Time Open: Thursday to Saturday: 7PM – 6AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual

Nuba Summervibes comes on the market with a fresh concept: Dinner and Club. On weekends this club takes wining and dining to a whole other level, therefore reserved tables are claimed upon 10PM and between that time and midnight customers can enjoy dinner whilst preparing for the club night that follows just past midnight.
The location is well positioned by Herastrau Lake and benefits from a mobile roof that is usually opened but can be closed down in case of rain so the party goes on under any circumstance.

Oxya by Bamboo

Oxya by Bamboo

📍  Address: Caroteni Street, 11

🕰️  Time Open: Friday & Saturday: 9PM – 5AM

👞  Dress Code: Smart Casual/ Cocktail Attire

Oxya is, without further ado, a great updated version of the dinner and club concept. Every Friday and Saturday, acrobats, performers, musicians and vocalists wearing themed costumes keep the stage alight while after a high Asian/oriental dinner, the restless party people start to heat up the dance floor.
The shows differ for each event but the main theme of the club’s shows is “Cabaret” around which the performers create a spectacular display of talent.

Give us a try!