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Driving Experience with Romanian Vintage Car

Driving Experience with Romanian Vintage Car

Stag do activities in Bucharest

Time is not on your side when it comes to travelling for just the weekend. With a great deal to experience and explore, selecting an efficient but engaging way to see the city’s main attractions is a necessity. An exciting way to do this is with a Romanian vintage car from the 80’s. This includes an hour of drive time experience through the city’s main boulevards. With up to 3 guests capacity per car, that’s 20 minutes’ minimum drive time each person through the main landmarks to get the best trip shots.

Note: Drivers License is a Requirement
Draft Itinerary Includes: Pick Up → House of Parliament → Piata Victoriei → Arcul de Triumf → Casa Presei Libere → Cala Victorie → Drop Off

  • Availability: All Year Round
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Guide: Yes
  • Transfers: Yes
  • What is included: 1 Hour Rental of Vintage Romanian Dacia, Pick up / Drop off from Accommodation, 3 Persons per Car, English Guide
  • Minimum persons: 6