Driving Experience with Romanian Vintage Car

Stag do activities in Bucharest

Time is not on your side when it comes to travelling for just the weekend. With a great deal to experience and explore, selecting an efficient but engaging way to see the city’s main attractions is a necessity. An exciting way to do this is with a Romanian vintage car from the 80’s. This includes an hour of drive time experience through the city’s main boulevards. With up to 3 guests capacity per car, that’s 30 minutes’ minimum drive time each person through the main landmarks to get the best trip shots.

Note: Drivers License is a Requirement
Draft Itinerary Includes: Pick Up → House of Parliament → Piata Victoriei → Arch of Triumph → Casa Presei Libere → Calea Victoriei → Drop Off

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  • Availability All Year Round
  • Duration 2 Hours
  • Guide Yes
  • Transfers Yes
  • Minimum persons 6
  • What is included 1,5 Hour Rental of Vintage Romanian Dacia, Pick up / Drop off from Accommodation, 3 Persons per Car, English Guide