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Bucharest Stag Do Reviews


It is not every day that you are called upon the duty to organize a stag do for a group of friends, so leave the hard part to our local team and enjoy the ride. We've been around for over a decade successfully organising for 1000's of clients from all over Europe, Americas and the Middle East. Don't take our word for it though, just take a look of what some of our Best Men had to say about us...


Chris D.

Star rating 05.05.2022

Excellent Service

A great stag weekend, George and his team made everything easier for us. Flori, our guide, was always there to help and make our experience easier and stress free, would definitely recommend her. Thank you guys!! The best VALUE FOR MONEY!!


Mehdi M.

Star rating 18.03.2022

Great weekend away

Fun packed and amazing stag do. As the best man, I couldn't have asked for more, my life was made very easy! George communicated everything clearly and was always available and extremely flexible with any last minute changes and requests, making sure we got exactly what we wanted and the best value for money. Both Anca and Elena were brilliant guides throughout the weekend. Everything went seamlessly with no hiccups which was especially reassuring as we were a group of 14! They joined in on the fun too, enhancing the experience. Bucharest is an amazing city for a stag do (very friendly and tollerant people!) and if you're thinking about a stag do here, look no further than Bucharest Bachelor Party. We had the best stag do and I'd highly recommend them.


Michalis P.

Star rating 04.05.2022

Best bachelor, great experience

We had a great weekend. George and his team are the best to organize your bachelor party, full of activities (parties, clubbing...). Thanks to George and his team again :)


Tim R.

Star rating 18.04.2022

Perfect Bachelor Weekend!

Used this service to organize the Bachelor party for my best friend: Total success with 3 days full great activities and parties! Shout out to our guides: Elena and Alexandra! Took us to the best places and took great care of us! Highly recommended!



Star rating 17.07.2022

Amazing choice for our trip!

We visit Bucharest for our friend’s bachelor party. We arranged some activities with George. It was very easy to communicate and we found everything as we agree beforehand. Our tour guide Lori was a happy girl and always willing to help us and satisfy the group! She follow us at all activities and she was ready to help all of us for everything. Even after the activities she gave us a lot of info about Bucharest and she answered every question.

Why a Bucharest Stag Do?

Ridiculously cheap prices

In Bucharest your budget will go so much further than other destinations in Europe thanks to Romania’s amazingly cheap prices for everything from beer and booze to accommodation, activities and eating out. This capital is a stag do dream come true.
In Bucharest anything goes and no-where is this more evident than in the wild nightlife scene in the city. The locals here really know how to party and the huge range of options – from underground and alternative, to high-end and sophisticated. This means that you will all find something to suit your taste on your stag weekend here in Bucharest.
With a stag do in Bucharest you can choose from a huge range of awesome daytime activities. Endlessly versatile in the wealth of indoor and outdoor activities on offer, Bucharest is very much a year-round destination for a stag party. The summers are hot and sunny, perfect for getting outside and touring the city, drinking beer in the sunshine and maybe even enjoying some action-packed outdoor adventures including stag favorites such as Gun Shooting, High Rope Adventures or Boat Cruise with Open Bar. While the winter can get extremely cold with temperatures often dropping below zero, the city offers visitors a host of fantastic indoor alternatives from Old Town Pub Crawls to Craft Beer Tastings or Bowling, Burgers and Beer.
Despite their often hard exterior, Romanian’s are a very welcoming and friendly nation of people who are happy to help tourists and foreigners whenever they can. The folk in Bucharest are generally the most well-travelled in the country and as such they usually speak a second language and have a good grasp of English so getting around will be a piece of cake!
Worrying about how you are going to get around on your Stag do in Bucharest is totally unnecessary as the city offers a range of different public transport options from the super cheap buses, trams and trolley buses, to the affordable Uber service. The city centre is small enough to navigate comfortably on foot and for groups looking to venture further afield the network of public transport stations expands far and wide in every direction – and all forms of public transport can be used with one interchangeable ticket.
If its local epicurean adventures you are after, Bucharest’s plethora of excellent traditional restaurants will have you spoilt for choice. Romanian cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighbors including Turkey, Serbia, Germany and the Slavic countries, and includes a wide range of diverse dishes with an authentically homemade quality. Traditional Romanian cuisine is well-known and well-loved for its warm, hearty and comforting nature. The meat-heavy dishes are as spicy as they are rich and filling, making them perfect to line the stomach before a big stag night out in Bucharest.
Romanians like to drink, and as such the destination has an impressive selection of locally brewed wines, beers and spirits. A local favourite is Țuică – a traditional Romanian spirit that contains 28–60% alcohol; or pálinka made of any locally grown fruit from plums and apricots, to cherry and apple! The burgeoning wine scene is also making a name for itself internationally with a selection of excellent varieties.
Bucharest has is all when it comes to weather. The gorgeous city comes alive in the summer when the sun shines all day and the long sultry evenings are warm but fresh and clear. In the Spring and Autumn, stag groups in Bucharest can enjoy cooler temperatures, with refreshing breezes and crisp clean air. Winter can be extremely cold, with snow and ice making for a perfect winter stag destination filled with warm pubs and fireplaces.
Romania’s history is a rich and varied amalgamation of various influences, empires and dictatorships. Evidence of this fascinatingly complex history and the effect it has had on today’s cultural scene in Bucharest is evident at every turn. We’d be happy to take you on a little tour of the city during your stag visit to Bucharest.

Bucharest - An Ideal Destination for a Stag Weekend


When it comes to stag parties, Bucharest should be on top of the list of destinations to visit. One of the most popular cities for bachelor parties in Eastern Europe, it will make your fantasy party come true. Bucharest has much to offer such as the vibrant nightlife scene, stunning mix of architecture and its quality culinary offerings. It's not hard to fall in love with Bucharest. First and foremost, travelling there is simple. The Capital’s airport is well connected throughout Europe, and a journey to Romania is affordable owing to low-cost flights. WizzAir, Ryanair, and Blueair are among the most cost-effective carriers, although Air France and KLM are alternatives.

Romanians are well-known for their hospitality. You will have no trouble navigating Bucharest with English once you arrive. The people are extremely polite and welcoming, and most of them speak a second language. Moreover, our local team will always be on hand, from arrival until departure.

A Bucharest stag do provides the opportunity to participate in a wide range of thrilling daytime activities. Because of the variety of indoor and outdoor activities offered, Bucharest is a year-round destination for a stag party. Summers are bright and sunny, perfect for sightseeing, drinking beer under the sun, and participating in some action-packed outdoor adventures, such as Gun Shooting, Hot Rods, High Rope Adventures, or even a Boat Cruise in Herastrau, all of which are stag favourites. Tourists can also enjoy a range of indoor activities such as Virtual Reality Experiences, Bubble Football, Craft Beer Tastings, Bowling and Therme Spa while the city's winters are frigid, with temperatures frequently reaching below zero.

Bucharest's crazy nightlife has no bounds, so you may party until the early morning hours. Most of the events take place in Bucharest's Old Town during the winter, whilst in the summer, the fun moves closer to the Herastrau Lake for a change of scenery. Locals know how to have a good time, and the choices are endless, ranging from underground and alternative to high-end and sophisticated.

We have to give credit where credit is due: and that’s Romanian cuisine. Bucharest has everything you might desire, from traditional meat-heavy meals to international cuisine mastered by our chefs. Bucharest's abundance of traditional restaurants will leave you craving more.

Also, if you want to engage in some sightseeing, Bucharest has a lot to offer. Being Romania’s capital, the city is multicultural. Home to the famous Dacia automobile line, the destination offers various attractions, including the Parliament building, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Arc De Triumf, Centrul Vechi (the Old Town) and the Herestrau Lake. We’d be happy to take you on a little tour of the city during your visit to Bucharest. After all, the best way to discover the city’s hidden gems is beside a local, isn’t it?