Therme Spa Access All Zones

Stag do activities in Bucharest

If holiday's mean a chance for you to really take it easy, relax and get some time alone, then this is the activity for you. We'll take you to Bucharest's famous Therme Spa, also the biggest spa in Europe, and let you spend an indulgent afternoon luxuriating in all three of the spa's zones including Galaxy, Palm, and Elysium.
You can pad around in a fluffy bathrobe having massages, swimming, relaxing in the steam room or the sauna, and recharging your batteries. Food and drinks are also available at the location.

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  • Availability All Year Round
  • Duration 3 Hours
  • Distance 22 km
  • Guide yes
  • Transfers yes
  • Minimum persons 8
  • What is included Access to All Zones for Duration of 3 Hours, One Way Transfer to Thermes