Bucharest, as you may already know, is the capital of the Eastern European country Romania. It’s full of culture, beautiful architecture and an ample of history. Most importantly, it’s one of the most entertaining and lively cities you will discover for a weekend away. Its’ nightlife is one of a kind, the weather is friendly most year round and, the cherry on top, it’s a lot cheaper than other European cities.

Endless Choice of Day & Night Activities

Therme Spa Outside

The list of Activities ranges from exciting to wild, but also what you might characterize as chill to the other extreme and simply insane. If you feel like taking it easy, there’s always is the biggest spa in Europe located towards the north of Bucharest and 10 minutes away from the city. The complex is only spread across 30,000 square meters. Maybe even a private boat cruise along Lake Herastrau is more to the tastes of your group.
If that’s a no, how about something that makes your adrenaline level reach its peak? Why not jump from platform to platform or even zip line on a High Tree Course then! You want to team up for paintball or laser tag? Say no more! We have everything covered.

Low Prices

Beer on Tap

Compared to other European cities, your weekend is not going to cost you a fortune for a quality time. Everything is low to mid-range priced and that being for good quality services. That really makes Bucharest the ideal destination for travels from the value-for-money perspective. Just so you to get an idea, a pint beer at a bar in the old town ranges from 10 to 14 Romanian lei.

Vibrant Nightlife

Clubbing Table Reservations

Since the fall of the communist regime in 1989, and once all the restrictions were lost in the past and the people got a taste for freedom, nightlife in Bucharest has become one of the liveliest and wildest in Europe. We love our drinks (wait till you try some Țuică), the beautiful women but also the all nighters. A general rule is that the bars and clubs won’t close until the sun is up.
The Old Town is the ideal place to be with a wide selection of bars, rooftop venues, clubs, gentleman’s bars, and themed parties. Ever wanted to organize a fake arrest? Or maybe you want to try your luck in Casinos? Bucharest will make cater to your needs and even for the more inappropriate ones.

What Goes on in Bucharest …

naked body sushi

Let’s talk a bit about the taboo part of the weekend. Most Bachelor parties have, by definition, ‘naughty’ by nature style activities involved.
Anything goes in Bucharest and Romanian women are internationally recognized as some of the most beautiful women in the world. These two elements put together will give a heck of a time. So any activity you choose, will leaving you with nothing but a sneaky grin by the end of it. Just think ‘Naked Sushi’, ‘Mud Wrestling’ and ‘Football with a Topless Referee’ to name a few.

Architecture & History

Parliament Bucharest

While in Bucharest we say to take some time to admire the city. And the best way to do so is by organising a customised tour or even a hop on hop off bus. We know a tour doesn’t sound so intriguing, however there are some that can be very enjoyable. For instance, a Hot Rod Tour, or even a Classic Dacia Communist Tour. Whatever the case you will learn a fair bit about Romanian Culture and History. And here is a fun fact – Did you know that The Palace of the Parliament is the heaviest building in the world?

Flawless Services

Limousine Cruise

You will feel like a million dollars man from the moment you land in Bucharest.it is from then on, everyone will give 110% to make this weekend one of the best experiences. The locals have a lot of pride in their country, and it is there aim to see it that foreigners have nothing but a pleasant encounter.

High Standard of Accommodation

Upstairs Boutique Apartments

Hotels, lofts, and apartments are in abundance and mostly situated in the central areas of the city, as a result, you will be close to all amenities and the nightlife.  Of course, you’ll not spend much time at your accommodation, but when you do, rest assured you will get your batteries recharged.

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